Leadership Trainings, Conferences and Teambuilding Programs

VoiceLeader programs offer personal and team vocal coaching that is truly transformational. The approach uses music to synergize inner and outer voice; content, emotion, tone and presence. We produce accelerated authenticity in an atmosphere which is both sentient and triumphant. Messages are reframed within rich musical contexts, evoking powerful meaning and inspiring change – whether spoken or sung. The shifts are simply remarkable and go beyond words. Members leave deeply moved, confident, and reconnected to their mission and each other.

Leadership and Engagemant Programs

Shift the Room

  • Communicate genuine passion from a deep core intention, driving visible change in your audiences.

    Experience a breakthrough in your ability to deliver knowledge capital with charisma and spontaneity.

    Create a purely positive, empowering atmosphere that encourages others to step up their game.

Create Alignment

  • Ignite powerful emotions in the room that anchor your words.

    Articulate your key message with remarkable depth that persuades and inspires.

    Integrate mind, body, spirit and tone, building trust and community.

Express Confidence, Vision and Vulnerability

  • Rekindle your purpose and stay on message.

    Become relaxed and fully present in front of any room.

    Cultivate a wide ranging dynamic voice that flows fluently and organically.

Conferences and Retreats

Set the Stage

  • Kick off the theme of your conference with an emotional and unifying message. Instantly ignite the energy in the room.

Capture Learnings

  • Celebrate key concepts and applications in a fun and memorable way that touches the hearts and minds of the audience.

Bring it Home

  • Articulate and anchor the takeaways with a memorable and exciting close. Create a unique, magnificent and rousing send-off that leaves everyone inspired.

Authentic Sales

Build Trust

  • Learn how to speak with a natural, engaged and authentic voice. A voice that is confident, honest and empathetic.

Stay in Alignment

  • Source your own genuine enthusiasm and bring it to the table. Be more fluent, knowledgeable and creative.

Problem Solve

  • Identify the root challenge your client faces. Make it almost unthinkable for them to say no, as you map your core strengths into compelling value propositions.